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Wednesday 5 June 2024

Roadshow 2024 – Jamestown & Holbrook


Jamestown & Holbrook

This year we are taking our information day on the road hosting two exciting half-day events in Jamestown and Holbrook! These events are an opportunity for you to come and network with some of our industry’s leading minds who will be sharing their insights, expertise and knowledge.


Come and visit us in Jamestown & Holbrook for an event designed to create transformative change across all areas of our Modern Merino Industry.

Jamestown 5th June, 2024:

Jamestown Peterborough Football and Netball Club

2pm for a 2.30 start

Concludes at 5pm with Drinks and a Sausage Sizzle


Holbrook: 17th July, 2024

More details to come


2024 Roadshow



Andrew Thompson
Murdoch University

Topic: Role of fat in resilience, reproduction and profit

Andrew is a Professor of Animal Science at Murdoch University in Western Australia. Andrew has a background in applied research, development and extension especially relating to improving reproduction and lamb survival and more recently understanding the value of whole body fat reserves on the profitability of Merino sheep enterprises. Andrew has also led much of the research on mating ewe lambs across Australia over the last decade.

Mark Ferguson
NextGen Agri

Topic: Breeding for disease resistance - Feet, Fly & Worms

“Dr Mark Ferguson is the founder & CEO of neXtgen Agri, an innovative consulting company born out of Ferg’s enormous passion for genetics & innovation.
Originally from the Victorian Mallee in Australia, Mark now resides in Christchurch, New Zealand. With a background in livestock genetic research spanning 20 years, Mark holds a PhD in genetics and has dedicated his career to helping farmers implement effective genetic strategies to optimise their livestock businesses.
Mark is also the host of the Head Shepherd podcast, where he shares his insights and knowledge with fellow farmers and industry professionals.
His mission is to ensure that the industry is well-equipped to capitalise on opportunities for growth and success. Through his expertise in genetics and his innovative approach, Mark is a driving force in advancing the industry and helping farmers implement cutting-edge strategies for their livestock."

John Nicholas

Topic: A local perspective. Stories of how a change of breeding has changed a business

John is a fourth generation farmer based in the Upper North of South Australia, where he farms with my wife and 5 children. They run a 7000 hectare mixed farming operation primarily based around livestock.
Since making the move back into a merino operation their priorities have been on breeding an animal that is science based, highly profitable and ethically sustainable - a truly modern merino.

Chad Taylor

Topic: Modern breeding, simplified. Pulling together the data to make significant gains in sheep

With six generations of sheep breeding in the Taylor family, Chad and Louise have combined traditional farming experience with cutting-edge breeding technologies to produce the modern Mumblebone Merino.

Using advanced tools to drive measurable genetic gain, Mumblebone is now well established as an industry leader in aligning high-performance production goals with the increasingly-discerning needs of their customer.

Chad is driven by connecting commercial growers with simple systems to transform the performance of their sheep enterprise.

Wednesday 11 September 2024

12 Mile Tour Open Day

4 studs, over 1000 rams
All with ASBV’s
All non-mulesed
All within 20 minutes of each other

Your opportunity to inspect over 1000 well measured, non-mulesed rams from some of the industry’s leading breeders.


M 0458 453 608

Boxleigh Park

M 0488 445 495


M 0477 313 665


M 0458 817 676

Thursday 3 October 2024

38th On-Property Ram Sale

Inspection from 8am, Sale at 12:30pm

210 Yarragal Rd Wuuluman NSW 2820

Offering 400 stud & commercial poll merino rams.

All rams DNA tested with pedigree & broad range of ASBV’s.

400 grade rams available after the sale.

Sale will be conducted in conjunction with AuctionsPlus.