It's very important to us that people understand why we breed these sheep the way we do.

We run a unique breeding program and the decisions we make are all backed by science, which is what underpins our rapid genetic gain.

The Mumblebone program covers a very broad range of elements & how those elements are combined will vary from one region to the next & from one breeder to the next.

The education we provide is a mix of our own breeding results as well as insights from some of our industry’s most progressive minds, all aimed at showing people what’s possible with merino genetics, & how to build their own modern merino flocks.

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“It takes a village…”

We draw on the best minds throughout the industry to continually refine our breeding program. By helping people connect with the best people, and the best information, we can further lift the quality of breeding across the whole Merino industry.

Sheep Genetics is the genetic evaluation service of the Australian sheep industry.

Without ASBV’s we are just guessing!

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Dr Mark Ferguson & the neXtgen Team are an integral part of the Mumblebone breeding program.

Ferg’s genetic vision for the sheep industry has helped guide our breeding direction to keep us at the very cutting edge of Merino genetics. The neXtgen services include data collection & management which opens the door for both stud & commercial producers to use this information within flock, & at ram sale time time, to make the most cost effective selection & buying decisions for your business.

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Talking Wool

All 3 Talking Wool Videos are from 2018. Wool will always be a key element of Merino profitability. Here's a quick look back at some of the decision making behind the 6 month shearing program.

Lot 1
Lot 3
18 Month Ewe