Maternal Power

We can't afford to rely on just sire pedigree to build a cutting edge seed stock business.

When we first introduce high levels of a new trait, like EBWR or YEMD, we are reliant on the genetic change being driven from just the male side of the joining. This is an important first step to creating change in a breeding program and as the program continues we see higher and higher figures for that new trait in the females as well. Once we have good depth of the desired trait in our females we can start to drive gains from both sides of the joining, taking the rate of gain to much higher levels.

If the long term breeding plans of a chosen stud align with the direction a commercial producer is wanting to head, the easier it is to find depth of suitable rams to introduce to that flock. If the stud & commercial clients breeding directions don’t align, it becomes much slower to make genetic progress, to the point where a change in the source of genetics will be needed.

We can’t afford to rely on just sire pedigree to build a cutting edge seed stock business. By identifying the top performing females & accurately joining those ewes to our top performing sires, we are able to produce the most advanced genetic packages to continue our breeding evolution.

Super Ewe


160578 is a great example of the sort of “super ewe” we are looking to identify and breed from.

160578 twinned in her first joining, was re-joined 4 weeks later & twinned again, effectively having 4 lambs in her first year of service.

She has continued to have 10 lambs from 6 joinings and kept them all alive.

Her last set of twins included one of our top Stud Sires (211558) as well as our top auction ram in the 2022 sale – lot 10 (2115164) that sold for $24,000.

Her most recent lamb (223066) combines all of the high growth & carcass that Mumblebone is well known for, along with great worm resistance and welfare traits and does it at over a micron finer than our current average – the next step in the Mumblebone breeding evolution.