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Wednesday 11 September 2024 | 12 Mile Tour Open Day
Thursday 3 October 2024 | 38th On-Property Ram Sale
Wednesday 5 June 2024 | Roadshow 2024 – Jamestown & Holbrook
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We dare to be different & offer the industry an
“evidence based” package of traits that breaks the mould
when it comes to breeding modern merino sheep.
Extensively measured, highly profitable
& truly easy care.

Trait Groups

These 5 trait groups form the pillars of our breeding philosophy. How we combine these groups is how we optimise flock performance & is what puts Mumblebone ahead of the rest.

Our Breeding Philosophy

The Power of Balance

In the dynamic world of Merino sheep breeding, constant improvement is the key to success. At the forefront of this relentless evolution stands the Mumblebone breeding philosophy, embodying a commitment to excellence in Merino welfare and production.

Gone are the days of relying solely on raw data for selection decisions. Mumblebone embraces an evidence-based approach, leveraging the power of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV’s) across all critical areas of interest. With an extensive array of 30 individual ASBV’s, the intricate interactions of traits are thoroughly understood and assessed.

At the core of Mumblebone’s philosophy lies “trait balance” – a harmonious combination of often opposing traits that optimises flock performance. Achieving this balance requires meticulous analysis of figures and a rigorous visual assessment of wool and structural traits.

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12 Mile Tour Open Day

Your opportunity to inspect over 1000 well measured, non-mulesed rams.

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38th On-Property Ram Sale

Stud & commercial poll merino rams.

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Roadshow 2024 – Jamestown & Holbrook

Book your spot to hear from some of our industry's most creative minds.

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